Vintage Tibetan Chenrezig & Mahakala Goldplated 92.5 Sterling Silver Ghau Amulet Pendant with Ruby, Emerald, Turquoise, Coral Inlays - FJ92

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Vintage Tibetan Chenrezig Buddha & Mahakala Gold-Plated 92.5 Sterling Silver Ghau Pendant with Ruby, Emerald, Carved Turquoise & Carved Coral


This is a vintage Ghau Amulet Pendant with a hand-carved real natural old Coral Chenrezig Buddha on the front cover & a carved real Turquoise Mahakala on the inside. Om Ah Hung Mantra in Tibetan is inscribed on the back of the ghau. The ghau is made of 92.5 Sterling Silver & gold-plated, real turquoise, real coral, ruby, emerald & fine filigree details.


One of a Kind Handcrafted Vintage Item


Item # FJ92
Approx 57mm wide x 78mm height (including bails) x 24mm thick
Approx 2.23 inches wide x 3.06 inches height (including bails) x .94 inches thick
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