Tibetan Repousse Tibetan Silver Endless Knot Square Focal Beads with Turquoise Inlays- 1 Bead - Infinity Knot - B1705-1

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Reversible Tibetan Repousse Tibetan Silver (silver-plated metal) Endless Knot Focal Square Beads with Pressed Turquoise Inlays

Quantity: 1 bead

The Endless Knot or the Eternal Knot is one of the Tibetan Eight Auspicious Symbols. It is interpreted as the union of wisdom & compassion or wisdom & method.

Each bead varies slightly due to the handmade nature of the item

Item # B1705-1
Approx 29mm wide x 38mm long (hole to hole)
Approx 1.17 inches wide x 1.51 inches long (hole to hole)