Tibetan Calendar Timeline Wheel Solid Silver-Plated Brass Charm Pendant - Small Melong Shamanic Mirror Amulet Pendant - Charms - WM3709-1

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Small Size Tibetan Calendar Timeline Wheel Silver-Plated Solid Brass Melong Amulet Charm Pendant

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Melongs are Tibetan protective mirror amulets that are believed to have many mystical uses. It is popularly hung or worn on the body to reflect away bad luck. The melong pendant has the planets in the outer circle, the 12 zodiac animals of the Tibetan zodiac in the next circle and the eight trigrams in the inner circle.

Each piece varies slightly due to the handmade nature of the item

Item # WM3709-1
Approx 28mm wide x 34mm height (including bail)

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