Tibetan Buddha Hand Repousse Brass Pendant with Aventurine Inlay & Lotus Floral Details - Brass Buddha Hand - Hamsa Hand - WM5191A

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Tibetan Buddha Hand Repousse Carved Brass Pendant with Aventurine Inlay Accent & Repousse Lotus Floral Details

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This Buddha hand pendant in the Bhumisparsha Mudra, or the Earth Witness or Earth-touching gesture, symbolizes enlightenment, transforming delusions into wisdom.

Each piece varies slightly due to the handmade nature of the item

Some gemstones may have lesions, minor chips or inclusions due to the natural stone qualities

Handcrafted in Nepal

Item # WM5191A


Approx 37-39mm wide x 68-69mm height (including bail)

Approx 1.46-1.53 inches wide x 2.68-2.73 inches height (including bail)

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