2 BEADS - LARGE Tibetan Double Vajra Round Repousse Carved Tibetan Brass Beads - Large Handmade Ethnic Brass Beads - B2424-2

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Large Tibetan Round Focal Brass Beads with Repousse Carved Double Vajra (Double Dorje) Details

Quantity: 2 beads

A Double Vajra (Double Dorje) is two Vajras/Dorjes crossed. A Vajra/Dorje means thunderbolt, diamond and indestructible, cutting through ignorance & illusion. It represents stability & what is indestructible.

Each piece varies slightly due to the handmade nature of the item

Handcrafted in Nepal

Item # B2424-2
Approx 11-12mm wide x 32-33mm long (hole to hole)
Hole Size: Approx 3mm

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